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Vaclav Vlasek - Cameramen - Photographer - Director - Designer / Blog

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Vaclav Vlasek is a multifaceted artist who excels at many different forms of visual art, including camerawork, photography, directing, designing, cosplay, and dark photography. He also has a knack for videography, website design, and video direction.

Vlasek is based in Europe and his work has been seen in countries all over the world. He has built up a strong portfolio that contains projects from the United States, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, and the Czech Republic. His work has been featured in popular publications such as Shots Magazine, Digital Camera World Magazine, and The Verge.

Vlasek is an expert at using a camera to create stunning visuals. He is well-versed in a range of shooting techniques, including time-lapse, slow-motion, and tracking shots. He also knows how to light a scene perfectly and the equipment he uses is of the highest quality.

Apart from his camerawork, Vlasek is also a talented photographer. He has a great eye for composition and light and is especially talented in dark photography. His work often features unique angles that highlight opposition and symmetry; part of his signature style.

Cosplay is another area where Vaclav shines. His costumes are incredibly detailed and well-crafted. He pays attention to even the smallest details, making his cosplays truly unique. He also has a blog that explains how he makes his costumes, giving many fans a helpful resource.

Vlasek is also a capable video director. He has directed videos for clients such as Google and Canva and has received rave reviews from them. He is also able to plan video shoots and edit footage; two technical tasks that many other directors have difficulty with.

Finally, Vlasek is also an expert website designer. He can design a website to match any theme and make it look professional. He also provides maintenance and troubleshooting services to keep his client's websites running smoothly.

Vaclav Vlasek is an extremely talented artist who is able to create beautiful visuals with a camera, design stunning costumes, and design websites that are professional and well-constructed. His work has gained him the respect and admiration of many in the industry.


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