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Vaclav Vlasek - Cameramen - Photographer - Director - Designer / Blog

New Devils Dolls designs 05-2024 for my RedBubble store

New Devils Dolls designs 05-2024 for my RedBubble store


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Welcome in our new Gift Store - online

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Cyberpunk girl with blue hair

Cyberpunk is a unique and edgy genre of artistic expression, and the ultimate cyberpunk girl is one with a shock of bright blue hair, syncopated with tattooed symbols and patterns. She is a trendsetter who isn't afraid of stepping outside of the box, and embraces the power of her distinctive style. Her tattoos are intricate and masterfully crafted works of art, bold statements that she wears like badges of honor and reminders of her unique identity. She is mysterious and alluring, strong and confident, her cyberpunk look is all an embodiment of her inner spirit and attitude. Her fashion sense is cutting edge, often choosing garments that are stylish and daring. Her style continuously evolves, but will always be an ode to the cyberpunk attitude and flair. Despite the darkness of the genre, her vibrant look and presence bring a sense of hope and optimism. She is a symbol of radical self-expression, and she inspires courage in those around her to be their true selves.

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Gothic dark girl

Goth Girl AI Art by Vaclav Vlasek is an incredible experience that truly allows you to explore the idea, and art, of a goth girl. Created by Czech artist Vaclav Vlasek, this AI art displays the beauty and complexity of the goth subculture, a segment of the LGBTQIA+ community. This piece takes the machine learning process to a new level, allowing viewers to interact with a painted image, full of pyramids and symmetry, in order to gain a deeper understanding of goth. The artwork showcases bold and confronting visuals, such as a starkly lit female figure in the middle of an abyss and a giant, robotic snake that winds and spirals around her. Alongside the surprising artwork, the interactive portion of the project offers several questions to ponder, such as, “What are the limits of AI?” and “How will it shape creativity in the future?” By delving into the depths of the goth subculture, Vaclav Vlasek's Goth Girl AI Art sparks conversations about self-expression, identity, and feminism in a mesmerizing visual spectacle.

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Cyberpunk babe with blue hair

Cyberpunk biker babes Mad Max style: any fan of the retro-futuristic genre should check out Vaclav Vlasek’s Prague-based art projects. His vivid collection of AI-generated photo content brings to life a stunning representation of cyberpunk biker babes, with all the grit and excitement of a Mad Max movie. The female characters leap from the imagination of Vlasek himself and his team of innovative designers, and are created to redefine modern, trendsetting aesthetics. The stark categories of his content range from Classic Cyberpunk to Future Industrial, and the gritty female characters are exquisitely articulated, with vibrant colors and detail. Whether you are looking for edgy adventures, vibrant visuals, or captivating style, these cyberpunk biker babes from Vaclav Vlasek are a must have for any fan of dystopia.

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Cyberpunk ai photo serie from Vaclav Vlasek - Bravo Models Media - Model character Kate Jones

Cyberpunk ai and real studio photo content project from bravo models media presents Vaclav Vlasek. Vaclav Vlasek is a unique 3d rendered character created from the photo content of the beautiful female glamour model; Kate Jones. Vaclav Vlasek has a very modern look with his cyber punk features, heavily influenced by Kate Jones’s stunning beauty. His elongated body shape and flawless facial features are further enhanced by the cyber-influenced clothing he wears, from long jackets and hoods, to unique urban swimwear and aviator goggles. Vaclav Vlasek’s unique and electric blue eyes are undeniably alluring, adding to the raw power of image. His wild hair represents a wild side to the character that is not for the faint-hearted. Vaclav Vlasek is the result of a collaboration between the creative minds at bravo models media and the visionary Kate Jones to create something new and innovative in the world of digital art and photography. He is definitely a character worth following.

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Lea Tyron - steampunk ai character created from my photos

Steampunk babe play with fire - model character created from own Lea Tyron photos

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Steampunk lady

Steampunk is a type of visual art, fashion, and culture inspired by the industrial revolution, typically featuring Victorian-era fashion and technology with a modern twist. Vaclav Vlasek is a professional photographer with Bravo Models Media who specializes in steampunk-style photo and video content. His work is full of intricate details and unique characters in imaginative costumes. His creative vision and technical skill have enabled him to create stunning visuals that capture the essence of the steampunk genre. Kristina Vlaskova is a makeup artist and costume designer who works with Vaclav to create the perfect look for his steampunk projects. Her costumes are intricate and detailed, featuring a variety of fabrics, textures, and colors. She is also an expert at applying makeup to bring the steampunk look to life. With Vaclav and Kristina's combined talents, they can bring steampunk to life for any project. Whether it's a photoshoot, video shoot, or live performance, Vaclav and Kristina are sure to bring a unique and captivating steampunk experience.

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Some about me whats i found in internet

Vaclav Vlasek is a multifaceted artist who excels at many different forms of visual art, including camerawork, photography, directing, designing, cosplay, and dark photography. He also has a knack for videography, website design, and video direction.

Vlasek is based in Europe and his work has been seen in countries all over the world. He has built up a strong portfolio that contains projects from the United States, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, and the Czech Republic. His work has been featured in popular publications such as Shots Magazine, Digital Camera World Magazine, and The Verge.

Vlasek is an expert at using a camera to create stunning visuals. He is well-versed in a range of shooting techniques, including time-lapse, slow-motion, and tracking shots. He also knows how to light a scene perfectly and the equipment he uses is of the highest quality.

Apart from his camerawork, Vlasek is also a talented photographer. He has a great eye for composition and light and is especially talented in dark photography. His work often features unique angles that highlight opposition and symmetry; part of his signature style.

Cosplay is another area where Vaclav shines. His costumes are incredibly detailed and well-crafted. He pays attention to even the smallest details, making his cosplays truly unique. He also has a blog that explains how he makes his costumes, giving many fans a helpful resource.

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10K instagram followers - big thnx to all

We are thrilled to announce that we have reached 10K Instagram followers! main account  We are so grateful to all of our followers for their support and engagement.

It has been an incredible journey to reach this milestone. We started our Instagram account with the goal of connecting with our customers and providing them with valuable content. We have worked hard to create content that is informative, entertaining, and engaging.

We have also worked hard to build relationships with our followers. We have responded to comments, answered questions, and shared stories. We have also held contests and giveaways to reward our followers for their loyalty.

We are so proud of our 10K Instagram followers and we thank each and every one of them for their support. We look forward to continuing to provide our followers with valuable content and engaging experiences. Thank you for being part of our journey!

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Bloody vampire bride

Vampire bride

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Zodiac girl in future

Zodian future warrior girl

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Ghost bride

Ghost bride

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Elves queen

Elves queen

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Future warrior girl

Future warrior girl

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Future warrior girls - cyberpunk lady

Cyberpunk warrior girl

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Vampire bride

Vampire bride - My dark ART creations

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Future warrior cyberpunk girl

Some other future warrior girl - cyberpunk with ai art creation

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Steampunk lady pink version

Steampunk lady in pink AI

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