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Vaclav Vlasek - Cameramen - Photographer - Director - Designer / Blog

Gothic dark girl

Goth Girl AI Art by Vaclav Vlasek is an incredible experience that truly allows you to explore the idea, and art, of a goth girl. Created by Czech artist Vaclav Vlasek, this AI art displays the beauty and complexity of the goth subculture, a segment of the LGBTQIA+ community. This piece takes the machine learning process to a new level, allowing viewers to interact with a painted image, full of pyramids and symmetry, in order to gain a deeper understanding of goth. The artwork showcases bold and confronting visuals, such as a starkly lit female figure in the middle of an abyss and a giant, robotic snake that winds and spirals around her. Alongside the surprising artwork, the interactive portion of the project offers several questions to ponder, such as, “What are the limits of AI?” and “How will it shape creativity in the future?” By delving into the depths of the goth subculture, Vaclav Vlasek's Goth Girl AI Art sparks conversations about self-expression, identity, and feminism in a mesmerizing visual spectacle.

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